Marketing Deceived

Nothing, and I mean nothing gets my blood boiling more than when I am deceived by weenies in marketing.  Unfortunately, this recently happened to me thanks to Sunny D.  I was in Sam’s picking up a few items when I noticed they had a case of little SunnyD bottles.  I noticed the 100% Vitamin C on the label and thought this would be a quick way to get my C intake – this is my tried and true way to keep the sick days down since my coworkers have a tendency to bring every mutant flu strain there is into my office.  I’ll go to 1000mg when I feel the germs trying to take hold.

Sunny D Label

See it up there in the upper right hand corner.  Out there in the prominent front of the label and and easily visible.  Convincing myself to spend the money, I hauled the case into the cart and made my way to the registers and paid for my items.  This of course only means I have to go through the completely ridiculous, asinine, inconvenient, irksome, infuriating and idiotic integrity check at the door.  First off, there is absolutely no way they can actually verify my receipt with a quick scan of the cart and secondly, how the hell am I going to actually steel a box of 400 ding dongs?  … tuck it under my armpit and hope nobody notices.. not!  But I digress, this rant is about marketing deception, not failed business processes.

Later in the day, I had a thirst and decided to enjoy one of my new juice bottles.  Apparently bored, I started reading the nutrition facts.  I usually do this at the store, but in my haste I forgot to give it a good viewing.

Sunny D Label

Wow, I did not expect the calorie count on such a little bottle, but that isn’t what stuck out.  Check out the Vitamin C entry – 80% of my daily value.   Wait a minute, that didn’t align with my pre-purchase analysis.  Turning the bottle back to the front, I notice the issue.  Maybe you noticed it by now, but that fine print I glossed over says “per 8 oz serving”.  A quick scan down to the left corner to reveal the deception.  The bottle only contains 6.75 oz.  This is absolute deception in my book.  Even if I opened two bottles I wouldn’t know how to estimate 1.25 ounces to get my DV not to mention the new “true” calorie content.  Unbelievable.  Yes, I was fooled and in essence it comes down to my fault, but I would love this company to explain this labeling practice.  In fact, I have already made my comments regarding their company’s integrity on their corporate website and will gladly update this with any weasel reasoning they try to respond with.

As of now, there will never be another Sunny D purchase made by me again.   Fool me once shame on you … never give them a chance to fool you again.. kudos to me

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