The Guys Guide to Bathroom Etiquette – A Work in Progress

Updated:6/16/2011 – Bathroom etiquette has been a pretty hot topic as of late with some of my friends… that is when we can tear ourselves away from discussing the drama of Weinergate or Paris Hilton’s latest reality show.  There appears to be some confusion on some of the guy codes associated with the bathroom and I blame it all on our education system.  Just kidding, we all know it’s the fault of liberals.  Regardless, this situation must be corrected or there will be big trouble come the next Rapture prediction.  Clearly god will not take the risk of someone crossing streams or heaven forbid someone talking on their phone while in the stall.  In an attempt to document the major rules, I decided to go ahead and make a reference post…. and to give my friends the ability to quickly look up some protocols before using the bathroom at work.  Amazingly, I was able to find some notes I made about 10 years ago on this subject to use as a starting point (some of the points on that old list were cryptically written and I am having some trouble understanding what those entries were for – needless to say I may have been under the influence of alcohol when that was first penned).  Please post comments if you need a further explanation, desire to contest a rule, want to add some additional rules or maybe even need a call on a sticky situation.

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A Kindergarten Refresher

Today’s topic is all about spatial relationships.  Since the source of the observation probably never took an ACT or similar competency assessment, I will try to generalize the key point with an image of a familiar toy everyone hopefully had as a small child.  Yes, I am talking about the Shape O Toy which apparently Tupperware decided didn’t need the most gimmicky name to market – at least they didn’t use Stickie One Thingy into Another Thingy.  I fired up Paint Shop Pro and created some quick images to help everyone out.  Ironically, this is about spatial relationship and some of my bevels are a little off, but I was rushing it.  Anyway, let’s say this is our toy:
Shape O Toy

The object of course is to get all of the shapes into the center of the toy.  To do that, you locate the object, match up to an opening on the ball, align the shape to the direction of the cutout, slip it through and clap your hands while proclaiming your mastery of all things geometrical.  I think you get the picture, but unfortunately, there are people out there that apparently don’t understand it.  I am not sure if this is just arrogance on the part of individuals or we have a kindergarten epidemic that must be addressed immediately. 

Why have I come to this conclusion, well, let me tell you about the same observation I have had over and over and over. 

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