It’s a Happy Birthday Elk!

Greetings all on this last day of September!  For the counters out there, you were probably getting worried that my production this month was coming up a bit short on my self-imposed quota.  No worries, as you can see.. that deficiency has officially been addressed.  Truth is this month is an annual test of how much sleep one truly needs to be able to function.  In my case that is staggeringly low.  Running definitely takes time off the top, but the rest is being consumed by work on the Haunted Trail of Tears.  Somehow I forget how much work it is to put this on every year… a true labor of love.  Today also happens to be the one year anniversary of my Father’s passing.  One of the saddest days in my life and still a big hole in my heart that will never be filled.  Um to that Yang, it is Ron’s birthday and nothing says Happy Birthday like an Elk.

Elk spotted at Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado in May 2014

It isn’t very often that you get to have an Elk from the Rocky Mountains give you a birthday greeting.  By the way, that is your gift this year hehehe.

Elk spotted at Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado in May 2014

Hit the jump to see a few more shots of the Wapiti.

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Autumn is Coming, Get the Whiskey

Burrrr, someone let the fire go out around here.  Not sure what is going on with the weather as it his heading down to 44F tonight.  Granted we are a mere 3 days from the official end of summer, however, I think we deserve a longer one this year as our fun in the sun months were devoured by that bastard pandemic.  It also doesn’t help that I’ve been trying to save all of my vacation days for an end of the year blowout in a desperate attempt to salvage what’s left of this year (need to start filling that photo queue for the upcoming 2025 blogging season hehehe).  Lemons into lemonade, at least the threat of another heat stroke during the training runs is eliminated.  In honor of the cooling temps, going to stick with the winter shoot from the last post.

Black-Capped Chickadee found on Brimfield Lot in March 2018

Hit the jump for a couple more shots of the Black-Capped enjoying winter.

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All Hail the Crown

I think my body may need a quick recharge as tonight’s 7 mile run was a bit of a struggle.  Apparently the 16 miles I ran on Sunday and the 6 previous weekends of at least a half marathon distance has finally caught up with me.. or all the hours spent working on trails on the off days.  Regardless, Bri needs to rest tonight.  Good news for you is rest for me equates to ample time to push out a post.  Tonight’s featured friend should bring a smile to the face of fellow birder blogger HJ over at Avian 101 (

Northern Cardinal found on Brimfield Lot in March 2018

Catch one of HJ’s Red Galleries if you want your fill of these brilliantly colored Northern Cardinals (and, of course, be sure and catch his other gorgeous bird shots).  I do not have near the number of Cardinal shots that HJ does, but this bird has been featured several times in the past – one from the summer (link here) and one from the winter (link here).  Today’s series actually goes back to some winter shots from my backyard back in March 2018 (yes, another series from like yesterday hehe).

Hit the jump to see a couple more shots (literally) of this crowned royalty.

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Flying Rays of Sunshine

And we’re back!  Howdy everyone, hope your day is treating you well.  My day has been packed solid – 15 mile run in the morning, worked on painting the new coffin prop for the haunted trail, spent a couple of hours in the woods getting the trail ready and then went back and put another coat of paint on the coffin.  Now I’m officially maxed out and sitting here catching the season of Halloween Wars. Since I am unable to actually just sit and watch TV, figure it would be an excellent time to get one of these postie thingies out.  So, here we go with our latest featured feathered friend.

American Goldfinch found on Brimfield lot in May 2018

Last post I focused on one of my most hated birds, the Asshat Cowbird.  Trust me, it truly is a despicable bird.  I like to keep my karma balanced, so today I’ve chosen a bird that I happen to have great fondness for.  This little yellow beauty is an American Goldfinch.  If you happen to be from the contiguous States, then you are probably already familiar with this Finch as they are abundant throughout.

American Goldfinch found on Brimfield lot in May 2018

Hit the jump to read a bit more about our ray of sunshine.

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Greetings all!  Hope you enjoyed the deviation from all the usual feathers in the last post.  Always good to feature something other than birds to give everyone a break.  Although I have been getting some feedback requesting I stay away from the Snake topics.  Which means, of course, there will be slither posts coming sometime in the not too distant future hehehe.  I think it best we all try to face our fears or there’s little chance to get comfortable with them.  I can state for a fact that standing on rafters three stories up while building our house definitely helped quell some of my height fears. Been a dreary week around here with all the rain (needed for sure), but there is a lot of woods work to do before the upcoming Halloween event.  I can’t afford to be sitting around here staring out the windows.  Figured it would be a good time to feature this.

Brown-Headed Cowbird found on Brimfield IL Lot in May 2018

Oh, before I forget.  With the time crunch from the Halloween work and some key deliverables due on aggressive timelines at my day job, I’ll probably get these posts out shorter than usual – content and timewise.  Everything should be back to normal in October and I can finally take a break and relax a bit – been a long year so far and just need to get over this last hurdle.  Now back to this jerk of a bird.

Brown-Headed Cowbird found on Brimfield IL Lot in May 2018

Hit the jump to read more about this lowlife bird.

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Kickin’ Butts and Takin’ Nuts

Welcome to September ye’ all!  Against my best efforts, another page has fallen off the monthly calendar, which by the way is looking a bit thin these days.  Nearing the final quarter of 2020.  A year most of us will never forget.  Lost time, lost adventures, lost interactions with our families and more than anything, loss of our freedoms from political greed.  Quite sickening when it comes down to it and looking forward to putting it all past us.  We’ve decided to claw back a bit of civility and once again on the road enjoying a little end of the year camping (in another state with a better governor of course).  Temps are definitely starting to drop making for a perfect night to sit around the campfire and tap on the keys.

White Squirrel found at Brevard College, Brevard NC in October 2016

I wanted to actually get this post out in July during my “white” month.  Doubt anyone noticed, but all of the wildlife posts that month involved white in some manner either in the name or in featured animal’s color palette.  And you thought there was no method to this madness!  Today’s post would have fit in nicely with that theme – unfortunately, this one required a bit of research that I was unable to get to the entire month of July.  Bri’s a busy guy these days especially with the annual Haunted Trail a mere month away.

White Squirrel found at Brevard College, Brevard NC in October 2016

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