Data Guarded

Synology Health

Apparently there is a timing issue with the first  post of this month.  On the Wildlife version of this blog, the publish date went as intended on the first of day of the month, where here at the mothership, the post data ended up being late the day before the first.  This wouldn’t be a big issue, but I have a self-imposed monthly quota which is now good on one blog and bad on the other – sigh.  No worries, it has been a long time since I published a product review – especially one that is positive!  Product reviews also require limited image processing besides working up an original header image (speaking of which, kind of spiffy looking for about 6 minutes’ worth of work if I do say so myself).  How about we get to the review.

Hit the jump to read about my experiences with the Synology NAS units.

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