Redemption of Sorts

As a general rule, I try not to get more than two race recollections behind at a time.  I realize this may seem like a ridiculous amount of time between an event post for some of you, but this simply means those individuals have not spent a lot of time on this site… or look at any of the non-running posts seeing as how those tend to lag years (and that is not an attention grabbing hyperbola – nope, that is an attention grabbing embarrassment ha).  Guess what, this guy has another race this Saturday which means I better get on the stick err, perhaps more appropriately, in the shoes and get my recollection out on the Steamboat Classic 15K held back in June.

I could probably just start and complete this whole recollection in ONE picture.

Steamboat Classic 15K June 2018

How is that for a summary?  If you are curious on how I got to this point, hit the jump!

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