When Red or Scarlet Isn’t Good Enough

If all goes well around here at Intrigued, the bird counter should pretty  much be free spinning well into next month.  Most of those additions will be coming from the Texas coastline.  Pretty sure I already made posts from our first trip to Galveston Island back in November 2013.  I recently completed processing all of the shots from our Christmas trip down to South Padre Island last year.  Those shots will be featured for most of the posts over the next several weeks.  I need to get through those by mid February in order to focus on all the new blog fodder put in the tin on our recent trip back to Padre and then over to the Mission region on the Rio Grande.  Texas has become a biding nirvana for me – each trip has produced multitudes of +1’s.  A surprising number of those being absolutely gorgeous birds.

Vermilion Flycatcher shot at Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge, Texas in January 2017

One thing for sure, the Peterson Field Guide I use for my field reference does not do this bird justice.  At the time I had no idea what kind of bird it was.  It was definitely smaller than a Cardinal although it did sport a spiky tuft of a crown.  I did not boost the saturation of this bird, although the overcast feel of the day did give it more of a natural pop against the duller background.  The Summer Tanager was the next option, but even that species is pretty much duller red all over and seemed stockier than this specimen- see my previous reference (link here).  Hmmm – staying in that arena, it did have a feel of Scarlet Tanager which is definitely closer to the red hue along with the darker wing coloring.  The definite robber mask set this one apart from that.  My previous Scarlet reference is of a water logged specimen, but you can see that here (link here).  (Note, I do have a better Scarlet in the queue, just need to find some time to get it posted).

Vermilion Flycatcher shot at Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge, Texas in January 2017

Hit the jump to see more images of this bird and, of course, learn what it is if you haven’t seen one before.

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Fuzzy Wuzza Oyster

Somehow this month has already gotten away from me.  Partial blame is having spent the first week of January down in Texas seeking out new material for the blog.  For the next couple of months you will definitely be hearing a lot about that recent trip as well as spoils from the other trips to Texas we’ve taken over the last several years.  There is a specific reason for this southern state focus, but I am going to keep that under wraps for a bit longer.  For you, the Texas focus is going to be either really good or possibly irritating.  If you are a bird enthusiast you will definitely be the former – if you prefer your wild without feathers, then my apologies right up front, gonna be a bumpy ride.  I do plan to sprinkle in some other creatures to help you through it.

Kicking right into the new year’s theme – bringing you another new bird for my list

American Oystercatcher found on Bolivar Peninsula ,Texas January 2017

Hopefully you can make it through the less than stellar photography execution.  The day was overcast and basically too dark to even hope to get a wall hanger.  Task at hand was to try my  best to get something in the tin to satisfy requirements to officially get the check on my list.  Took a bit of processing in the digital darkroom, but I think they are sufficient to get credit – will let my check officiating crew (aka my brother Ron) weigh in if there is a differing opinion. For now, you will need to tolerate some fuzzy soft shots.

American Oystercatcher found on Bolivar Peninsula ,Texas January 2017

Hit the jump to find out with this new bird is!

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