That Shaft Be Red

First off, Happy New Year Everyone!!  I can’t believe we have officially put another year in the books.  Every time it comes to this point on the calendar I ask myself where did the year go.  Although I was able to get a lot of objectives checked off, there always seems to be that undertone of “I should have done more”.  It will soon be time to set my new resolutions – I never do it until a few weeks into the new year to give me time to ponder what my goals are really going to be.  For now, I’ll simply pat myself on the back having just completed a decade of blogging.  That’s right, today represents the start of the 11th year here on the ol’ blog.  It will be a few more days before the end of year stats are ready to post, but we’ll touch more upon that proud accomplishment when that post comes out.

For now, let’s ring in the new year with a new variety for my birding list.

Northern Flicker - Red Shafted - shot in Colorado May 2014

The Northern Flicker in itself is not a new check on my list having been featured back in March of 2016 (link here).  If you look close at the pictures in that previous post, you will notice there is black line extending in from the bill.  This represents one of the two subspecies of the Northern Flicker.  Since it is black, it is easy to identify it as the “Black-Shafted” variety.

Northern Flicker - Red Shafted - shot in Colorado May 2014

I might have just fibbed, hit the jump for a correction!

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