Summer’s Here

Greetings everyone!  It has been a bit since I have posted and for that my utmost apologies.  There is just something about a few hot days, a couple of passes of fertilizer followed by a a whole lot of rain that somehow makes my grass think they’re in a race to the clouds.  At this rate I’ll be mowing every 1.3 days!  Taking advantage of the fact it is raining this very minute, thought it would be a great time to put another notch in the post counter.  Although we are technically a month early, let’s welcome Summer to the blog…
Summer Tanager Shot at Starved Rock May 2015
Well, a Summer Tanager that is.  This gorgeous bird was found on an outing at Starved Rock State Park.  My brother Ron and I had the opportunity to do a day of birding there back in May 2015.  Wait a minute, come to think of it, it was pouring down rain that day too.  If I recall correctly we ended up having to stand under tree cover waiting for a lightning storm to pass over.  Okay kiddies, let me make a short PSA – it is not recommended you stand under tall trees during a lightning storm.  Don’t even think about it, don’t do it and certainly don’t reference this blog when they scrap your body off the ground and drag your butt into the ER after disobeying my advice.
Summer Tanager Shot at Starved Rock May 2015

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