A Cornucopia of Cormorants

Well folks, by the time you read this I will probably either on my way down to my race or even in the midst of it.  This year’s Oak Ridge Cemetery Moonlight Race is going to be a solo event for me.  Due to lack of participation, they have canceled the relay prediction race which is the event my team took third overall last year – could have been better but thanks to cheaters we were pushed back to third. – (link here).   Instead, I’ll be running the half marathon solo – probably a good thing they canceled the relay since one of my team members is out with a foot injury and the other has struggled as of late getting his miles in.  Linda is at a dog show so once again sans event photographer.  Wait a minute, no friends to talk me out of it, no voice of reason from Linda…they are running a marathon at the same time … hmmmm.  Note the question isn’t to do or not to do.. it is whether I can withstand the post race scorn and anger from my wife.  What to do, what to do?  (I’ll probably stick with the half .. Linda’s scorn can be intimidating).  With the upcoming event approaching quickly, decided to just go with a short narrative post from our friends in Texas!

Cormorants shot on Texas trip in Nov 2013

Once again back on our trip to Texas back in November 2013.  One bird they have an abundance of are Cormorants.  I believe these are Double-Crested but to be honest, the Neotropic has an upper range that is right where we were (Galveston area) and they look very similar.  If you happen to think otherwise, please let me know – the Neotropic is not checked off my list as of yet.  We encountered these interesting waterbirds wherever we stopped.  Having them already checked off the list, I focused more on the behavior aspects than getting the perfect bird reference shot.  In some cases, I wish my F stop was pushed up (or down depending on how technical you want to get) to pull a bit more of the background in focus.

This particular Cormorant spotted something of great interest not too far away from where it was floating….

Cormorants shot on Texas trip in Nov 2013

Hit the jump to see more shots of these water bandits.

“Hey dudes, check this out!! I’ll distract them and you go in for the kill….”

Cormorants shot on Texas trip in Nov 2013

… wait for it… wait for it… wait for it…

Cormorants shot on Texas trip in Nov 2013

SCORE! (read that in your best Brazilian soccer commentary voice).  “Nice snag Larry, we’ll eat like kings….”

Cormorants shot on Texas trip in Nov 2013

“Ummmm well, make that one of us will eat like kings – thanks for sharing douche-bag.”  “Sorry Chuck (nom nom nom), saw some Gulls lurking about and didn’t want to risk losing it to those greedy bastards.”

Cormorants shot on Texas trip in Nov 2013

“Ahhhhh tasty and refreshing.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, please stow away your belongings, raise your tray tables and bring your seats to their upright position.  Please remain in your seats until the plane has come to a complete stop at the terminal and thank you for flying Cormorant Airways – we value our customers and truly appreciate choosing us for your travel needs”

Cormorants shot on Texas trip in Nov 2013

Landing gear down, flaps down..

Cormorants shot on Texas trip in Nov 2013

Another successful landing at our destination .. the Cormorant synchronized swimming nationals.  In the water now are the reigning champions from our Southern division.  Hailing out of Galveston, Texas, we bring you Mariya and Anita with their world renowned coach Renaldo.

Cormorants shot on Texas trip in Nov 2013

Oh no, right out of the gate they get a two tenths reduction due to a mishap by Anita who inadvertently reacted to being buzzed by a dragonfly causing her to lose alignment with Mariya.  They have their work cut out for them now..

Cormorants shot on Texas trip in Nov 2013

Yes, back in form as they demonstrate a perfect “Hey, look at that Great Blue Heron over there” move that knocked the competition dead at the regionals.

Cormorants shot on Texas trip in Nov 2013

This time Mariya has a bobble failing to bring her bill to full horizontal while performing the mandatory element “The Pose for Photographers.”

Cormorants shot on Texas trip in Nov 2013

It was subtle slip but I do not think it got by the scrutiny of our judges today.  They are looking for the ‘A’ game now that we are in the nationals and it is sad to say, but the Texas team had a few bobbles today which might keep them out of the top three in the competition.  We wait with baited breath (hehehe) for the results.  The crowd goes hush.. everyone holding their attention to the scoreboard.

Cormorants shot on Texas trip in Nov 2013

Hey, was that a school of flying fish over there…!?!?!?… event over… let’s go feast.

Take it easy everyone – hope to see you again post race.



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