Feeling the Steam

Welcome back everyone!  Due to the busy schedule last month, I didn’t get around to posting my annual run in the Summer heat!  June means the mercury is rising here in the Midwest.  That is exactly when the masochists that put on the Peoria Steamboat Classic race get to test the mettle of the area runners.  Once again, I was signed up for the Toughest 15K in Illinois.
Steamboat Classic 15K 2016

I was running it with Ryan and we had a secret advantage – this was our home course.  Remember all that training we did for the Marathon.. all those weekends  taking on the hills of Springdale and Glen Oak?  Well, the parts that gives this race the “Toughest” classification are those exact same hills.  This gave us a boost of confidence at the start of the race – well, as you know, I am pretty loose at the start of races – Hi Linda! (you can see Ryan just a bit behind me)

Steamboat Classic 15K 2016

Note, the lady in front has the 15K bib on (there is a 4 mile race that starts with us) – and so does the lady behind but she already looks terrified (not good seeing as there was 9.29 miles to go).

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