Phoadtography – Yellowstone Trip 2013

Big day for the Peoria Journal Star’s website.  Apparently everyone I know was looking at their daily news feed based on the number of text messages and emails I got about one of their articles.  Apparently a local liberal arts college (Knox) decided to put all of their collective knowledge together and come up with a list of “creep” designating activities (and I bet they wonder what differentiates them from real colleges).  As expected, clowns are uber high on their list, but there was another reason everyone felt obligated to inform me … they included BIRDING.  Yes, folks, apparently this fine institute (cough) did an in depth study and determined that BIRDERS creep other people out.  Really!?! white guys over 45 (their classification, not mine) with binoculars standing in a meadow or woods creeps people out.  Now if said birder was socializing with everyone in the area.. that might be a bit creepy (hehehe), but birding … come one.  Apparently some survey takers should get out of the house a bit more.  Just imagine how debilitating it must be for someone scared of a birder to have an encounter with a clown – my guess, on the floor shaking in convulsions.

Today, isn’t about making fun of a liberal arts college (although it is fun).  Nope, today’s post is on a topic that has been few and far between – phoadtography!  I’m sure you are shocked.  Let’s start with this shot.

Phoadtography - Yellowstone May 2013

Admittedly, not a shot actually from the road, but was a fun little detour on our way out to Yellowstone back in May 2013.  As you know, Linda is all about the flowing water and Sioux Falls South Dakota had a nice set of rapids running through it.  I on the other hand tend to prefer statues (when no wildlife to hunt).  The Bison above is nice… but I like this next shot better.

Phoadtography - Yellowstone May 2013

How cute!  (although not sure what the North American Roller Hockey Championships has to do with a Bison.. hehehe.

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