Looking Back on 2014

What seemed like a whirlwind 2014 is officially over which means it is time to reflect on the year’s blogging efforts.  LifeIntrigued has now officially turned 8 years old, which is about 7 years longer than I ever expected to keep going with it.  The intent has morphed a bit since the early years having put more emphasis on photography and projects in the latter years – the early years focused heavily on day to day observations as I navigated this thing called life.  I’ve tried to keep the posting varied over the year mixing in projects, insects, recollections and such among the numerous bird posts.  Admittedly, I use my valued readers as free critique on my photography growth so very appreciative of all your comments this year.  For the fourth year in a row I hit my 6 posts per month even adding a ton of extra posts last January due to Project Chekov (link here).   It really hasn’t gotten much easier after all these years, but that is probably self induced with all the images that are worked up for all the posts – what is getting faster is my digital darkroom workflow as I get more accustomed to the tools and pretty  much know the look I’m going long before the work begins – oh, that sub goal of at least one image per post was shredded for another year – pummeled, stomped on, tossed around the room and ax kicked to the ground into total submission.  This year I’ll up that goal to at least 2 images for every non-general post! (I know, I know, even that should be an easy hit but it is good to have a goal you can own for the year to make up for any that might have slipped a bit.

Hoping this year brings the completion of Project Auuuunold – so close I can almost taste it.  No idea what I am going to do with all my free time once that project is wrapped up.  Book recollections were once again an underperformer this season but I think the project output makes up for that deficiency.  I am pretty proud of my Valentine’s project (link here) and Project Posey (link here) is close to becoming an obsession hehehe). Birding is still a passion of mine and looking forward to some trips planned for this year which should yield even more new checks in the birding list.  I’ve pretty much captured all the local birds in the area so travel is about the only way to shoot the new ones – luckily we have an RV now so that will come in handy for photo shoot outings.  I’ve always maintained that I only work out and run to make myself fit enough to go in search of birds in any terrain required.  Always enjoy it more when Linda can come with me to enjoy the process (and be my voice of reason when the thrill of the hunt starts impeding logic)

There is one element that makes this blog worth it and it’s YOU.  The time you commit to reading my meanderings and the extra time you take to provide your comments is greatly appreciated and invaluable to the progression of the site.  It is because of this commitment I push myself to give you the best quality of images and as polished a product I can muster each and every time – it also helps to distract from the pain of training since a lot of that time is spent planning out the next post.  Pretty sure I have enough left in the tank for at least another year and even some more ideas on how to liven up the blog a bit – one of those will hopefully be due to increased exposure as I’ve finally started to spread the word about my little corner on the information Highway.

And now, the annual stats for the year’s worth of blogging.

Hit the jump to see the 2014 stats! UPDATED 1/6/15 due to some late comments!

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