A Vegas Photo Walk

Vegas is such a target rich environment when it comes to photography that a single post just will not do – Nope! I already covered the “Eyes in the Sky” with my previous post (link here). Today’s post focuses more on the sights at “Eye Level” . Wait a minute, just looked at the set of pictures — hold that statement for a tad and enjoy a couple more shots at “Sky Level”.

The Bellagio Casino is a must target for any cameras on clear night on the strip. The architects should be commended for a building with a perfect combination of lighting and shadows. We have a number of shots of this casino for a number of different angles and every one of them has a majestic feel about them – also gives you a wide range of cropping options

Here’s the other shot of Vegas after dark. This one posed a bit of a struggle in the digital darkroom. I wanted the lights to be vibrant and sharp in the shot, but that cost me some detail in the body of the balloon – detail, by the way, that I wasn’t really aware of before from my many trips past it. Depending on how your screen is set, you might or might not be able to see the various symbols – probably could have pulled out some HDR to pop those a little more – will make a note for next time we are out there.

Hit the jump to see some more sights from our Vegas photo-walk!

Okay, back to your regularly scheduled post. The next series of shots was taken at the Bellagio Casino’s Christmas display. For each season then put out an impressive showing of plants and decorations that will bring out your creative juice behind the camera. Of course, you will have to work at it since the place is usually filled wall to wall with slow moving cattle ..err people wanting to take it all in. Although I’m a zoom guy, figured I’d try my hand at some closer stuff.

Here was another shot with the short, stubby, non-manly puny excuse for glass. I think part of the problem is I usually don’t want to be that close to my wildlife subjects – they could eat me – which is why this short wide stuff makes me a little uneasy.

I thought the poinsettias reflecting off the giant Christmas ornament were pretty cool – for record, I tried like crazy to crop it past the red fabric in the lower corner, but didn’t want to lose the green gem.

Don’t look too close in the next picture our you might see the cattle I was mentioning – don’t look sigh, now you’ve ruined the picture.

Can’t stop looking at them can you – look at the horse.. yes, the horse… never mind.. just go on to Hitler Bear.

That is paws down the worst posture they could have picked for this giant polar bear. One hand saluting the Nazis and the other scratching its balls.

After trying for like 15 minutes to get a shot from the front without heads in it I threw in the towel – not gonna happen.

This isn’t the only thing that made me cringe in that year’s holiday decorations.

Would it have killed the artist to put the stabilizer bar under the pengies feet? Makes me think of the Christmas Story tongue on pole scene but with a different part of the anatomy YIKES! — wait a minute, now I get it. That wasn’t a despicable polar bear, it was simply trying to catch the attention of these stupid pengies and giving them a warning about what will happen if they stick there ….thingies on the ice. This designer just went from moron to pure genius.

Which also means the next shot is not of celebrating penguin..

.. but one screaming in terror after realizing it was STUCK… another Triple Double Dog Dare turns out baaaaaad.

Of course all his other friends are off laughing it up in the corner.

“Hey dude, I know how to solve the problem…..”

… and then there are the females who get enjoyment from mocking those in need of serious medical attention…lookie at me no stickie..

This one of those Vegas features I had missed over the years. Pretty sure it is in the Mirage Casino above the Valet/Check-in lane. Kind of looks like a Vegas sized nail polish flower (link here).

It was difficult to diffuse those small spot lights to get the shutter speed down enough to pull out the vibrant colors in the shadows. Not perfect by any means but the highlight filters in Lightroom took most of the glare off. Pretty sure this next shot was taken at the same time. While Linda was busy taking her shots at the flowers I moved onto to cool statue nearby. Now, I’ve see the Merlion in Singapore (link here), but this brings new meaning to the term Seahorse!

This next one was actually taken in Caesars Forum shops. They have some pretty impressive statues in that place but they do fall a little on the racy side.(did I mention Vegas is not for the kids!). The particular lady here looks like she’s been working out – maybe practicing for the American Ninja competition that is held out there each year – an event I’m currently addicted to as of late. In case you are wondering, Peter Lik does have a gallery in this mall if you have some extra pocket change laying around and want a new picture for your house.

The Pegasus below is easy to remember for one very simple reason – cheesecake. In the back of Caesars Casino – in the Forum Shops area, tucked all the way back is Linda’s kryptonite. There happens to be a Cheesecake Factory restaurant back there and it’s delicious hehehe.

By the way, you have no idea how hard it was to get that shot without people in it – definitely a hotspot for selfies and … sigh iPad shots. Lastly I bring you an interestingly lit mermaid statue from the Mirage (I think). We always like to take a gander through their gardens to see their captive birds. While back there I stumbled on this statue and thought it was pretty cool and likely underappreciated based on how hard it was to find.

Here is another angle that I thought had an interesting composition as well – something about the shadows and the highlights kinda of gives it an eerie mythological feel like Medusa’s lair – although in this case she is the one turned to stone (hehehe)

Well, that’s it for our little photo-walk around Vegas. If there is one thing for sure, you can ALWAYS find something new and interesting in Vegas no matter how many times you have been there!

3 thoughts on “A Vegas Photo Walk”

  1. Reading through your analysis of the penguin statues, I’m betting that Linda eventually left to take flower pictures simply to flee from your commentary!

    Those first two photos are gorgeous. You might think about pitching the sale of them to the casinos!

    I was looking for you in the reflections in the Christmas ornaments, but you weren’t there. You must have been taking a zoom shot rather than a macro. (Unless you were dressed like a Nutcracker soldier.)

    Weird to see Christmas shots at this time, but a little scary too because it’s been unusually cold the last couple of days and I’m not looking forward to winter again.

    Thanks for the Vegas holiday shots! I may try to capture some holiday decorations this winter with my new camera and lens. But not if it’s cold at all…



  2. hehehehe – you now, that may be right. Some people see a tomato, some see a tomato in a strange predicament.

    Thank you – thought for sure you would tell me to straight that first one!

    I try not to get myself in the reflections unless I want that effect – I did that for the Raven eyeball pictures, but in this case I didn’t want to tarnish the shot. Didn’t have a big zoom in there, there are too many people to really get any distance away especially with the 5 to 6 foot focus distance on those.

    I was thinking Winter the whole duration of my morning run today – 46 burrrrrr

    You really need to start conditioning your body for the cold – planning on taking you out in the tundra to get you up to speed on your camera.


  3. Actually, I think your non-straightened version of the first photo really works out great, much better than if it were straightened. Something about the curvature and all makes it almost seem to wrap around you, and the spreading vertical lines accentuate the effect, making you feel small and about to be engulfed. They make it seem like it’s already partly around you as you look up at the corner.

    I thought all pictures taken in winter are taken from a car window. At least that’s my plan.



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