A Vegas Photo Walk

Vegas is such a target rich environment when it comes to photography that a single post just will not do – Nope! I already covered the “Eyes in the Sky” with my previous post (link here). Today’s post focuses more on the sights at “Eye Level” . Wait a minute, just looked at the set of pictures — hold that statement for a tad and enjoy a couple more shots at “Sky Level”.

The Bellagio Casino is a must target for any cameras on clear night on the strip. The architects should be commended for a building with a perfect combination of lighting and shadows. We have a number of shots of this casino for a number of different angles and every one of them has a majestic feel about them – also gives you a wide range of cropping options

Here’s the other shot of Vegas after dark. This one posed a bit of a struggle in the digital darkroom. I wanted the lights to be vibrant and sharp in the shot, but that cost me some detail in the body of the balloon – detail, by the way, that I wasn’t really aware of before from my many trips past it. Depending on how your screen is set, you might or might not be able to see the various symbols – probably could have pulled out some HDR to pop those a little more – will make a note for next time we are out there.

Hit the jump to see some more sights from our Vegas photo-walk!

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