Another Year of Blogging in the Books

It is hard to believe that I have completed my fourth year of blogging here at Lifeintrigued.  I will admit this has taken a little more effort this year due to the greater emphasis on our photography hobby.  I like to post process our photo images so my readers get to view the best images possible – if you make the effort to come here I want to make sure it is worth your time.  As a result I can’t just sit down and crank out a post as in the past, there is Lightroom work and the upload process to our Smugmug account to get through first before pulling all the resultant image links into the post editor.  Fortunately, I still enjoy the process immensely and being able to give some background on the various photographs gives some insights into our art as well as provides a historical account to review whenever we want – priceless!   But this little project is pointless without you who take the time to not only provide an audience for my ramblings but also adding your perspectives and insights through your comments.  So a big thanks to all my readers and hopefully you will stick with me through 2012.  As is now tradition, I am posting this summary of the year’s output.

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