Stoner Poodle

For a couple of weeks our youngest toy poodle, Rizzi, has been having some difficulties. He was diagnosed previously as having pancreatitis which has caused him to be on a special diet. At first we thought it was just another flair up that would eventually calm down, but he was continually struggling when he went outside and started having some accidents in the house. Since the symptoms seemed to be getting worse we decided to take him to see his vet. This is what they found:

In case you are not a doctor or stay at Holiday Inn Express, this is a sonogram of Rizzi’s bladder. For ease I went ahead and outlined it. See that huge mass in the middle of that outline? That is, unfortunately, a bladder stone and as you can tell, it’s relatively large in context of the overall bladder size. It was also one with sharp edges all around it which actually gives a clue to the issue – apparently there are smooth ones and sharp ones depending on whether the issue is due to being too acidic or too base (can’t remember which is which right now). Definitely too big to pass and the edges would make it extremely painful. The only course of action was surgery, so with sadness I had to drop him off on Friday to get the procedure done. Having also dropped him off for the pre-exam earlier in the week I have probably slid about 30 notches in his “like” scale. Of course Linda got to rescue him on those two occasions so she’ll surely score this upcoming Valentine’s Day.

Hit the jump to see how the surgery went.

The good news is Rizzi is back home with us today and the doctor was pleased with how it went.  The stone will be sent off to be analyzed.  In the meantime, the little guy is resting now, but not exactly overjoyed with the whole ordeal as you can tell below.

The painkillers will help keep the edge off and help him get some rest.  They used the superglue method to fuse him back together so no stitches to worry about.  When he had this done for his neutering he managed to lick the incision open so we’ll be keeping a close eye on that.  This also means he gets the infamous “Cone of Shame”.  Kerby keeps walking up to him and twisting the code around while staring at the TV.  Yep, Kerby is the smart ass of the family but we think he missed his little brother these past couple of days – but he’ll never let Rizzi know that.  By the way, I had to take the following shot for obvious reasons.

Linda actually had this hoodie long before now. It just seemed like the perfect apparel for today.

Hope he never sees this picture or we’ll be finding some presents in our shoes and I doubt ones that Santa would bring.

So, we’ll be watching him close over the next week or so, but it looks like he is well on the road to recovery.  Once the analysis comes back we’ll have a better idea on how to prevent this from happening in the future.

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