The Bruce Lee of the Insect World

I’ve been wanting to get this post out of the way for awhile now and it turns out that this is an opportune time based on the fact I need one more post to make my quota and it was a difficult time accomplishing this since my wife and I have been on vacation for the last week.  Note as you are reading this we should already be safe and sound back in boring Illinois.  More about our trip in an upcoming post, but for right now it’s Enter the Dragon time.

I have always wanted to know exactly how these creatures got such a scary name especially since they are quite colorful and quite frankly have never bothered me in the least regardless of the situation or proximity.  Maybe it is some nod to the Chinese celebration dragons that are definitely colorful.  Or possibly someone felt such a delicate animal needed a strong name to help it survive.  This would be the same concept I use in naming our toy poodles – who are named after mythological gods if you are curious (nobody wants to mess with the three headed dog that guards the gates of hell).  This particular set of images came as a side project while my dogs were running in an agility show at the State Fairgrounds in Springfield IL.  Basically those days go like this.  Up at the crack of dawn, drive to agility location, set up all the crates and tents, sit, sit, sit, sit, sit, get up for 30 seconds while your dog runs, sit, sit, sit … you get the picture.  It makes for a pretty long day so given the chance I’ll try to drift off and entertain myself with photographing odd things or playing on the Internet.  These shots are the result of this boredom.  The fairgrounds has a nice arrangement of outdoor flowers which I noticed on my way to get some food with my parents.  That warranted a trip back with the trusty macro.  A lot of nice pictures came out of that shoot which will eventually make their way to the blog.

hit the jump to see a couple more pictures of this dragonfly

Admittedly, we originally got the macro glass for Linda since I prefer the large wildlife shots primarily requiring the zoom.  Not until I started trying the macro out on some local insects and such did I realize how interesting those pictures can be.  As you can see from these first two pictures, the dragonfly has color throughout its body.

(Note, if you want a better picture, be sure and check out Eddiesoft’s Smugmug account for larger images.)  As you can see in this specimen, they have colorful multi-colored eyes and a variety of graduated colors down the chest and abdomen.  Their wings also shimmer in the sunlight as the rays play off the cellophane-like wings.  There are also a number of intricate parts from the fine hair on the abdomen to the highly complex mandible structure.  Some research would probably go a long way here regarding their feeding habits and lifecycle, because basically what you see is what I know at the moment.  However, I do know something the biologists may not be aware of and that is their mood.  Take a look at this shot (my favorite from the set by the way)

Just look at that dragon smile.  Clearly these are generally happy creatures, but who wouldn’t be playing in the sun all day?

This is a fairly quick post today (after taking grief from my wife on the length of the last one).  My blogging bag is all filled up again with the recent vacation so looking forward to December’s posts – which by the way put me 6 posts from my third blogging anniversary.

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