Happy Easter!!

Easter Bunny

Just a quick post today to wish everyone a happy holiday.  So what do you think of my image today?  I was on my way back from my parents’ house and all of a sudden some rogue synapse fired bringing into memory recall a doodle I had made some years back.  I was with my brother (also at my parents’ house) on Easter Eve.  I think all of his kids are beyond this age now so I will not ruin anything for them, but we were doing some prep for a standard Easter morning surprise.  My brother wanted to add a card to the things we were making to signify who they were left from.  I decided to whip up this little image which quite frankly was going pretty good until in my haste, a rogue whisker was made.  Working in the medium of ink, I was unable to repair it so I embellished a little bit.  I call it “Easter Bunny Smoking Plastic Grass”.  Obviously, my brother vetoed it, but since I can remember, I’ve actually saved and scanned all my various doodles… a bad habit formed from sitting in too many unproductive meetings with an active imagination.  My intent is someday to print them out and bound them into a coffee table book as an interesting conversation piece.

By the way, I was curious enough about the origin of rabbits and eggs I decided to Wiki It.  Interestingly, it is a tradition brought to America from the Germans and was really focused on the hare and not the rabbit.  The association might have originated from a similar nesting trait between the hare and a Lapwing (bird).  Each uses a ground nest and resulted in the myth that hare’s laid eggs in the Spring.

Oh well, hope you had a good holiday.  I’ve been working on some posts so there should be some additional output coming soon.  Until then, I hope Alice isn’t haunted by my grass smoking white rabbit.