Time for Reindeer Games 2022!

We here at Intrigued wanted to extend a hearty Merry Christmas to each and all! Mr. Freeze has decided to insure we have a white Christmas for a change – at least here in the Midwest Tundra. Sprinkle in some wicked windchills and you have the perfect conditions to stay inside and enjoy some hot chocolate nestled around the fireplace…or basking in “the soft glow of electric …”.

Christmas 2022

Hit the jump for our holiday wishes!

Hoping you are able to spend at least some of this holiday season with family, relatives and friends. I know the last couple of years have been difficult, but nothing nourishes the soul more than the love of family and the social interaction and support of others. Try to tune out the media and politicians who profit from peddling fear and propaganda and instead, focus on the things that really matter, that bring us together and allow us grow as a people/society. I can assure you, that doesn’t include the latest washed up celebrity tweet crying democracy is dying.

Christmas 2022

Keeping with tradition, we recently had our Intrigued corporate holiday celebration. The corporate pilots were busy getting everyone flown in for the event. Had a chance to get a picture with our newest member Brad before things got a little out of hand …again.

Christmas 2022

Our HR department caught some of the legal staff (names withheld in support of the bold ha) dragging the copier out to “add some moons under our Christmas tree star” so to speak. Every year I explicitly tell our event coordinators to “accidentally” forget to extend invites to the HR staff (or simply mistype the date), but every year they somehow find out. Sorry Brad, but looks like there will be an extra week of sensitivity training for all in the coming year. As the leader and example setter, all I can say is WORTH IT hehehehe.

In closing, we want to extend our appreciation and gratitude for all our readers. Our little Information Highway off ramp has been steadily growing and we owe that to all of you willing to spend time reading and commenting on our musings. With the help of Brad joining the team we’ve been able to expand into new areas, new experiences and new perspectives behind the glass. You will definitely be seeing more of Brad’s adventures! We are incredibly excited about our plans for the coming year and rest assured we will still be heavily focused on wildlife and their intriguing behavior (including those wild humans with access to a copier ha).

Christmas 2022

Meanwhile, Ruger patiently stands guard waiting for Santa to pay a visit – yes that is a look of worry after his brothers recently teased him about Santa’s naughty list.

Take care everyone, stay safe, stay healthy, have a heartfelt merry Christmas and best wishes for a smile filled New Year.

… Brian, Linda, Brad and the rest of the Intrigued family.

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