Halloween Project: The Great Pumpkin Arch Needs Elevation – Part 3

Thankfully Brad is taking care of the wild side of Intrigued while I try and recover from a mighty beat down. Not really up to going through my image catalog to find, process, upload, prep and then think of something clever to say about the creatures that are targeted for that sister site The images for this Halloween project were already ready to go, so I just need to give some narrative on the elements of the build …sooooo much easier (and these I can do from the couch with bags of ice on my legs ha). Just to bring everyone up to date, we’ve covered the following so far:

Pumpkin Creation (link here)
The Arch Support Structure (link here)

Now if you look at the revised sketch, you will notice that the plan includes two columns to support the pumpkin arch.

Halloween Project 2022: The Great Pumpkin Arch for the Haunted Trail of Tears

Admittedly, there was a quick thought of making the guests limbo under it, but Linda gave me the quick, hard, no uncertain term “No” response on that one. I let her think she swayed me, although there was a critical design consideration of having to get my UTF under it. This way she gets to tell the story to her friends that she kept them from having to get their butts dirty hehehehe. Anyway, I needed to build two columns and I basically used a lot of the same approach used in the Gargoyle platform (link here). That column turned out really nice and, therefore, no need to deviate too far at this point.

Hit the jump for a behind the scenes look at the columns supporting our new entrance to the Haunted Trail of Tears

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