Cadbury Tryouts

Happy Easter everyone! This morning I was out on my 16 mile training run on the trails of Jubilee State Park when I came upon not one but TWO Easter Bunnies. At first I was admittedly a bit startled. Not so much that I would come upon them in the middle of running the woods, but they didn’t exactly fit the model. Sure, both had two rather large ears, but wasn’t expecting them to each have 6 legs, 2 arms and stand 6 feet tall! One of them extended a Happy Easter and then offered me a chocolate rabbit pulled from a leather pouch. “We are playing Easter Ambassadors and offering treats to everyone we see in honor of our Savior’s rising.” I extended my appreciation for the thought, but passed – can’t imagine the gooey mess that would be by the time I finished the run. We said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. Note, this happened at mile 14.5 so assuredly the synapses were experiencing some fatigue, however, the large “U” shapes and the ummm… let’s go with presents left on the rest of the trail provided some evidence to the encounter. By the way, those bunnies must east a LOT! Made it home and thought I would get a post out in recognition of the special day and, of course, relay the events from earlier in the day. Spent a significant amount of time going through the 3+ years of backlogged images only to come up empty – NOT A SINGLE BUNNY PICTURE IN THE QUEUE. At a loss, I decided to hold a Cadbury tryout to see what would be the official substitute for the ’21 Easter Bunny. First up…

WTH, that thing doesn’t even have fur.  “..but look at my big cute round eyes and I have Praying right there in my name”.  Uhhhh nope.  Next.

A stick.. are you serious.  There isn’t one single Bunny attribute anywhere on your body.  Not to mention the Easter Bunny is cute and cuddly (at least the ones that are not 6′ tall) – you just creep me out. Next.

Okay – no ears, not fur, no visible ears, no cotton tail – did you even look at what a Bunny looks like before you applied for these tryout!?! – didn’t think so.  Is this really that hard?

A Butterfly.  I’ll give you a half a point for at least hanging out on appropriately colored flowers, but again you do not look anything like a rabbit and offended you thought you could pull one over on me.  Next.


Now that is Intriguing.  You are shaped rather like an egg and clearly based on the clown in the back you do have claws – but no round tail – “wait wait, we can stick cotton balls on our asses”.  Next.

This is pathetic people – did you see the part on the application that said fur was required – right there in black and white right under the must have visible ears.  Next.  Hey, now we are finally getting closer.

Cute – check, fur – check, ears – check, short round tail – umm, that would be a negatory and you are kind of small.  Next. 

Let’s try this again – cute – check, fur – check, ears – medium sized – check, short round tail – umm, that would once again be a negatory.  Next.  

Hey, this looks promising.  Ears are definitely bigger and really like the overall fluffiness of the fur.  Also has a nice mixture of grey/brown and white coloring which fits the general theme.  I am a little unsure about that mask.  Something tells me it just might scare the little kiddies or some runner struggling to remember what his name was.  Next.

Now that is just right out!

Really!?! You really think you would pass as the Easter Bunny.  Granted your head looks similarly shaped to the two Easter Bunnies I saw on the trail – ‘cept those definitely had ears and not horns.  Next.

Apparently I forgot to add the “must be alive” criteria in the application form.  There is always one out there that was wandering in the weeds when common sense was handed out.  Okay, this looks like the last candidate for this year’s substitute mascot.

Crap – good enough I guess.  At least it has giant ears, a black nose and white whiskers.  Get her a basket full of eggs and send her out into the woods.  After the craziness brought on by the pandemic, I don’t think anyone will even notice. 

Take it easy everyone and I promise to get some Bunnies in the tin before the next Easter rolls around.  (Also thanks for indulging my lame attempt to unload a bunch of one off shots I did find in the queue)

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