Where’s walQue

Well, I had a post topic all planned out.  Got the images worked up in the digital darkroom and was all ready to sit down and pound out a few accompanying words and hit the publish key for a fitting end of the week.  Except that was supposed to happen on Friday.  Ended up getting distracted by some projects and next thing I know it is Sunday.  In the past, not a problem, what’s a couple more days when the shots were taken well over a year ago.  With the new year’s commitment to get fresher material out during the first part of the week.. well, let’s just say the “search” was on to find another topic.  Taking that theme to heart, going with Where’s walQue?

Common Pauraque found at Estero Llano Grande State Park, Weslaco, TX in January 2021

Our featured feathered friend today is in the cell phone image above – actually, bringing you TWO specimens today from our recent January trip to the Texas Gulf Coast.

Hit the jump to reveal our well-hidden friends.

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