Two Feet of Snow

Linda and I are still out exploring and once again we are up to our eyeballs in Snow!  Probably shouldn’t be too surprised as it is winter and I do currently call the broke state of “Ill” my home state.  There is only one thing  to do in this situation – grab The Beast and start filling the tin.

Snowy Egret found on Texas Gulf Coast December 2017

Oh, you thought I meant the cold wet stuff.  Well, that might be true if we weren’t on the road.  Before you start making the wrong assumption, I still do not have access to my digital darkroom tools so the new Snowy Egret shots are stuck on portable drives (yes, multiple backups of the backups of the backups of the originals – I.T. people learn to assume that tech crap is gonna break , the game is predicting WHEN!).   Not sure when we will get full access to my processing tools.

Snowy Egret found on Texas Gulf Coast December 2017

Hit the jump to see a few more shots of our featured cottonball.

In the meantime, please enjoy these Snowy Egret shots taken on our Texas trip back in December 2017.  To be honest, these look eerily similar to the new shots except the previous ones were taken when there was actually this great thing called a sun – think this is the nicest day we have had since we started this little excursion.  We just had rain here, home had sleet and the wet fluffy stuff so can’t complain too much.

Snowy Egret found on Texas Gulf Coast December 2017

Getting back to the featured bird, the Snowy is one of those birds I could photograph all day and never get bored.  Something about them always brings a smile to my face.  Quick self-evaluation says its the yellow feet that bring the happiness.  Basically you have a giant pure white cottonball walking around in the muck with oversized yellow Golashes.  I would liken it to a clown stumbling around in big floppy shoes, but I’d hate to equate something this cute with a hellspawn like a #$!#%!#%!%#%!# clown.

Snowy Egret found on Texas Gulf Coast December 2017

The specimen above was looking a bit grumpy when I came upon it.  Not that I blame it – everyone has a bad hair day hehehe.  Something about accidently stepping on a live wire standing behind a jet engine in the middle of a hurricane or some lame excuse like that.  Most of the time they have every feather cleaned and tucked into the right place which completely amazes me based on the environments these shorebirds tend to hang out in.  Either they are a heavy investor in Oxi-Clean or someone needs to figure out their secret and get booked onto the Shark Tank.

Snowy Egret found on Texas Gulf Coast December 2017

Need to wrap this up and hit the sack.  Big day of birding planned for tomorrow and need to make sure I get stuff in the tin worthy of your time.  Oh, before I forget, we owe two birders (Ray and Leslie) a big thank you for giving us the opportunity to get a closer look at my favorite bird – more coming on that great experience, but wanted to let them know how much we enjoyed that.

To our friends stuck in “Ill” – keep the furnace lit.


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