Moon Singer

So there are some posts that whip out pretty quickly.  Image processing goes fast, getting them uploaded to Smug an added to the post goes seamless and the words flow through the fingers effortlessly. Then there are the posts that seem to take FOREVER.  This posts happens to be one of the ladder thanks to a multitude of image sources ranging from my cell phone, the real camera and Facebook (thanks to a race photographer).  For a while there, didn’t think I was ever going to get this post completed.  Not wanting to go past 4 races behind, decided it was time to hunker down and do this…so here we go.

Allerton Park Trail-Glo 5K April 12, 2019

Now, if you had the opportunity to attend the University of Illinois (Champaign-Urbana of course) or simply like strange parks in the heart of Illinois, then you probably recognized the statue above.  If not, then I should mention that is the Sun Singer statue located at Allerton Park.  If you enjoy odd and eclectic this is the place for you.  You can see some of the artwork that is scattered throughout the1,517 acre park from my previous posts (link here and here).   Oddly enough, neither of those posts featured the Sun Singer which is definitely the signature piece when you think of Allerton.   The picture doesn’t relay the true size of the Greek sun god Apollo which is a 16′ statue sitting on a three tier pedestal (clipped out in my shot).  More on that later, because right now we have to get to the meat of the feature.

Allerton Park Trail-Glo 5K April 12, 2019

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