Time to Add the Cinnamon

It’s been awhile but I’m finally back on the ball with another post for December.  My  has the time flown this year but I’m very confident I’ll be closing out 12 more months of making at least my minimum quota for posts.  A small triumph for a year, but it does put some serious pressure on me at various times trying to juggle all my other commitments.

Luckily, this is as much fun as it is work!  Today I bring you another check in the birding list.

Cinnamon Teal shot at Yellowstone National Park in May 2013

If you are not a birding enthusiast you may not recognize this as a Cinnamon Teal.  This is a new Teal check having had the Blue-Winged Teal (link here) and the Green-Winged Teal (link here) previously.  This is one of those checks I’ve known was in the tin for a long time.  It was actually shot at Yellowstone National Park back in May of 2013.

Cinnamon Teal shot at Yellowstone National Park in May 2013

The fact that you are seeing the products from that trip signifies a very big accomplishment – yes, I FINALLY got through the entire collection of shots from that Yellowstone visit.  Pretty sure I ran around the house in jubilation when I made it through the last of those pictures in the digital darkroom.  I used to catch a lot of grief from my brother about the huge delays from shutter snap to post — now that he has turned birder extraordinaire he is experiencing the same kind of backlog (isn’t easy is it hehehe).  Sometime ask him how many +1’s he has in the tin this year that has not been processed.

Hit the jump to see a few more shots of the Cinnamon Teal!

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