Big Ears Plus Bushy Tail Equals Pure Cuteness

We are officially in bonus time for posts this month!  That officially  makes it two months in a row of extra effort – 2015 is starting out to be a productive blogging year, but let’s not get any hopes up.  Just so happens I’ve had some extra time on my hands with nothing but an Internet connection to keep me occupied.  Breaking from the bird theme, today’s topic is just some cute pictures of bunnies.  I was saving this up for Easter but there are so many post topics to get to that I figured it was best to get it out of the way now.  Now for a great big collective … Awwwwwhhhh…

The rabbits around our neck of the woods are an interesting observation in the circle of life.  Their population is very cyclic ranging from a daily visit of 6 plus to absolutely zero over the course of the year.  Although they spend a large amount of time causing me stress their high cuteness factor has forced me into a no-harm pact.


That’s right, I generally let them be and go that extra step to prevent any harm – translated I keep a careful eye out for them when cruising in and out of our long driveway.  For some reason they ALWAYS want on the opposite side of the driveway whenever a vehicle comes their way.  Absolutely no idea what triggers this stupid response, but it’s apparently the same gene that causing birds to do the exact same thing when they get spooked from the side of the road.  Rarely do I see birds simply fly further away from the road preferring instead to play Frogger with my bumper (a certain Owl comes to mind).  Same with these long eared balls of fur, yet they take even longer to make the suicide run.

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