Two Halfs Before 5

Based on the truckloads of email complaints I’ve been getting lately, apparently I have not been posting fast enough for all my fans.  Sorry about that, but been kind of busy as of late thanks to some recent big events.  One of which is shooting the crap out of Owls and Picas, but that is for another time.  Today’s topic is the other big event this month – the River City Half Marathon which I ran on May 18th.  For those counting, this would be the SECOND half marathon in this early race season.  In fact, this is the second half marathon before I normally run my first 5K of the season.  This isn’t a normal year and the reason the training season started in the cold of Winter.  River City was suppose to be the first of the year but a late decision added the Height’s race earlier (link here).  One thing for sure, the race organizers for these two events know how to select medals.

For sure, the shirt wasn’t as cool as the Heights’ one and overall the swag was pretty weak.  When I came home from the expo I showed Linda the goodie bag and the only thing it had in it was the shirt and the bib, a beer bracelet and 4 clips.  As the norm, my personal (dare say now professional) photographer was along for moral support .. and to snap pictures of course.

That was the pre-race picture noted by the fact it was FREEZING.  Think it was close to 39 at the start and the morning was spent trying to decide what the race time apparel was going to be – long sleeve or short sleeve, shorts or running pants … decisions decisions.  Pretty mixed between the other entrants so opted for the shorts and long tech shirt – same selection for the Heights and it seemed a little colder this race day.

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