Shop ’til Ya Drop

Apparently March is “variety” month here at Life Intrigued.    Pretty much everything but the kitchen sink – got you some birds, some insects an accident what more could you ask for?  What was that .. you want some landscape shots?  Now this is really a topic better left to the landscape specialist (Linda) but if this is what you want, we’re here to satisfy.  Looking back into the archives I found a set of shots taken while visiting the Porcupine Mountains.

The above shot is the favorite of the bunch for a couple of reasons.  The first being the fact I like the overall composition.  The shore line tends to push the eye from left to right into the fire and then back out to the sunset.  Could have used a little bit more color but this was taken later in the set and most of the pinks and purples had taken off for better horizons.  The other reason is I specifically remember when I took this shot and recall how calm and peaceful everything was – my definition of a great vacation spot.

Jumping back to a little bit earlier in the set, you can see those soft pinks and purps I was talking about.  These particular shots were taken down the shoreline in the opposite direction.  This would be one of those very few times when I wish I had a panoramic camera that could have captured the beauty of the entire scene.

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