Cinco de Blog Celebration

It is celebration time around LifeIntrigued!  With the end of 2012 I am proud to announce that LifeIntrigued is officially FIVE years old.  Just remembering back it seems like yesterday I decided to jump on the blog bandwagon and flood the internet with my musings.  On the other hand, looking at the output it is pretty stunning at the amount of words and images that have piled up over those 5 short years.  Mimicking last year the goal was to minimally hit at least 6 posts a month.  As was pointed out to me over the holidays, a large number of the posts start out with references to racing the clock to make that happen…. and happen it did.  Fulfilling another New Year conviction, each month in 2012 indeed had at least 6 posts – one could argue over the quality of some of them, but there was no guarantee on that (that would be downright crazy).  For the record, the posts did tend to be more robust than the previous years so the fingers were cranking away.   Along with the quota, the image commitment was also met.  Every post had at least one graphic whether that be a custom graphic (like the header on this post) or a photo.  Photos continue their dominance in this category but there is a hidden agenda for that.  I am trying to grow my photography skills and being able to compare images throughout the year is a good indicator on what’s improving, what is regressing and areas that could use some renewed emphasis – flash photography is definitely in the latter category.  It is also very useful to get other people’s opinion on what they like, what makes them ill and most of all which ones to submit in the UB competitions – Note, that didn’t work out so well for me this year.  The blog format also provides some background on the various photographs which would probably be lost forever without it.  I said it last year and I’ll repeat it again this year.  LifeIntrigued would be meaningless without the loyal readers.  You carve out the time from your busy days to process my musing and provide validation and new perspectives with your many comments.  I’ll forever be indebted to you and extend my sincere appreciation.  With that, let’s keep another blog tradition going and provide the year end summary.

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