The X-Ducks of Wisconsin

Howdy all, I was recently reminded that we are half way through the steamy month of July and there is yet to be a post on the blog. You would think with how hot it has been in the last two weeks I’d be cranking out post after post in the comfort of my air conditioned den. On the contrary, I’ve been swamped with activities as of late which has included wrapping up phase one of my summer project (literally put the last piece in that phase a mere two hours ago) and a healthy (or not) dose of heat running conditioning needed for the Bix race at the end of the month. I do not want a repeat of the Steamboat race and it looks like there has been some improvement based on my recent Bix@6 training run (93-95 out when the training race started last Thursday and it went quite well). The good news is all the post processing work on this month’s series of posts is already complete!   …and just what is the topic this month…

After much thought and contemplation I’m going with the birds captured during our photo shoot taken  in Wisconsin over Easter. Tragically, this means another month (at least) will pass before getting to the Indy Zoo pictures and the birds of Banner Marsh.

It’s quiz time.  Any guesses as to what that water fowl is (note, these are all non-shopped)?

If you can identify it, please feel free to let me know.  As far as I can tell this is another mutant specimen.  If you recall, this is not the first mutant to grace these pages.  The mallard derivative from the Emoquon series certainly fits this category (link here).    This strange bird has more of the duck features than the goose characteristics in that previous one.  It was also easier to pick out the main ingredients that made that bird.

This on the other hand doesn’t really match anything.  The dominant white and the the black tail feathers would put it somewhere in the Snow Goose realm (or just the white neck and orange beak has traits of an Embden Goose), but it took the stature of a smaller duck.

it that wasn’t fun enough, let’s move on to mutant specimen number 2 and 3.  The one on the right looks like someone sawed the head off the one above and slapped a better Mallard head on it.  Those Mallards must really like to sow their oats.

Shifting to the one of the left.  They were hanging together so the assumption is they were mates.  The left is likely the female due to the dominant male Mallard coloring on the right one.  It looks closer to an Eskimo Sandwich than it does a duck.  The breast feathering almost has a turkey composition and nothing in the reference books really showed markings that chocolaty.

Hit the jump to see even more strange waterfowl.

You might be asking yourself about this time where in the hell were these ducks captured.  We were actually traveling between Wisconsin State Parks near Baraboo when I spotted a group of ducks enjoying a pond near a hotel parking lot.  Never wanting to pass up an opportunity to get shots of waterfowl I made Linda pull off the highway and head over there for a look see.  It ended up being a mini Island of Dr Moreau.  Of the 15 or so specimens there, none of them really looked normal.  Makes you wonder exactly what was in the water.  Probably the most normal duck was the one below.

AAAFFFFLAAC.  Again, the overall stature doesn’t match exactly with the domestic Pekin Duck, but if you are forced to wager that is a better option than nothing.  Interesting enough, I could not find any non-domesticated duck that was all white.  I shall call this one Donald.

Okay, as a warning, if you get queasy at the sight of the bizarre, this might be a good time to stop reading this particular post.  If you enjoy the freak, this next bird is for you.  Dr. Frankenstein dug up a rooster, an eagle and a duck, sewed it all together and zapped it with lightening.  In any other setting this would have looked really strange.  What am I talking about, this is still scarier than a convention of clowns carrying ducks (sorry, inside joke).

This gives all new meaning to the term Ugly Duckling.  Staring at the largeness of it through the big glass managed to give me the shivers.  Note, Linda decided to stay in the safety of the car

I hope you enjoyed these X-Duck shots.  I promise to bring more traditional birds with the remaining posts… in fact as a teaser I was able to capture at least one brand new bird to my collection (and as yet I have not completely identified it yet).  Now I am hoping the heat has died down a bit so I can get my long run in for the week.  It was well over 90 when I looked at 3 when I decided producing a post would be a better idea.

4 thoughts on “The X-Ducks of Wisconsin”

  1. All these in one parking lot pond?? The pond of misfit ducks! I wonder if these duck mutants become something of outcasts. I would definitely not stay at that hotel.

    OK, regarding the reference to the Land of Misfit Toys, this is for anyone who has not heard of the tragedy at the end of “Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer”. If you recall, during the closing credits Santa is flying in his sleigh dropping off the misfit toys, so he gives an umbrella to the Jack-in-the-Box (which we all should know is called Charlie!), and so forth. But when he gets to the bird, he starts to give him an umbrella, but realizes it’s a bird and just lets it go and it starts flapping as it drops off the screen. Well, the reason the bird is a misfit is that … IT CAN’T FLY!! So it was a ghastly plunge to its death, and a traumatic end to the story for at least a certain youngster. And a lesson on trusting people.



  2. How fascinating… I ended up doing some of my own research on the web and even ended up reading a fascinating article on how the misfit toys were basically a bunch of whiny losers – the elephant could have just put on a coat to hide the spots and for god’s sake how hard would would it be to change the tires on the train .. trust me.. he addressed every misfit toy on that island). Sure enough there was a video on the web showing the horror of bird homicide. Did no one catch that before production or was it left intentionally? All I can think of at the moment is “As god as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly”

    the greatest comedy episode ever aired – I can still remember watching that particular show and laughing so hard I almost blew a lung out

    Hey, thanks for the misfit tidbit – something new every day


  3. Well, the worst has to be Charlie. “Whoever heard of a Jack-in-the-Box named Charlie?!” Um, well, we just did. Now get off your a## and be a productive member of society like Bumbles.



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