Pseudo WIT: I Think I’ll Pass

It’s been awhile since I’ve followed up the introductory WIT (What is This) category.  To help remedy this situation, today’s post is about a topic that made us go WIT.  This is actually a pseudo WIT in the sense you do not have to wait until the next post to see the answer, but it isn’t something you want to really know what it is (foreshadowing).  So with that, I give you images of today’s two WIT specimens.



I’ll give you some time to ponder our two candidates today.  When your mind is good and lathered up, hit the jump to learn what it [they in this case] is [are].

Any chance you thought the first WIT candidate was a McDonald’s Chicken McNugget? How about a pork rind?  Or maybe that foreign object on the side is throwing you off.  The truth is we found this particular object while in Milwaukee, Wisconsin attending a dog show.  The munchies took hold of us due to the long day forcing us to raid the hotel’s vending machines.  Our selection to quell our hunger…

That’s right, some tasty Munchies with the extra cheese fix. This was actually a special treat seeing as how we have been trying to eat a little healthier as late. Linda opened the bag and proceeded to pull out the object in the quiz. Now I don’t know about you, but that thing doesn’t look very appetizing to me. At first Linda did think it was a chicken nugget, but I dismissed that immediately. A quick check of the packaging verified that there was nothing depicted that even came close to looking like the freak piece Linda had the misfortune of finding. It wasn’t even something useful like a temporary sticker or plastic ring commonly found in Cracker Jack boxes.

For the record, the packaging has a freshness date on it of 19 APR 11 so it can’t be something that simply mutated in the packaging. I’ll probably send a note to Fritolay out of curiosity – if they respond I’ll update this post.

Now the second should have been a little easier to identify, although it could have been confused with a mutant ball of Macaroni N Cheese cheese powder. In fact, it was from a product that bills itself as being a healthier version of a snack (seeing a theme here?). On Rock Band nights everyone brings over some things to keep us going during the marathon session. One of my friends (Pakage) brought over a bag of these:

They are full of cheesy goodness and they are baked .. there is a god.  I grabbed a handful and quickly found the second specimen lumped in with the normal looking Cheetos.  Now everyone likes fake cheese, but a golf ball size chunk of it … not so much.  This particular anomaly didn’t fright us as much as the Munchie darkspawn.  You can’t expect a chunk of powder cheese to keep a virtual band from their snacks can you?

I might just include this particular object in my Fritolay email on the Munchie object just to hammer home the fact they are experiencing some definite quality issues. We happened to purchase (actually Pakage bought the Cheetos, but we’ll keep that to ourselves for now) two of their products in two different states. In both of those cases we found something that didn’t really appeal to us as a customer. Ugh, truth be told, Pakage was ready to bite into the cheese ball immediately but from a marketing perspective it probably isn’t something universally sought after by snack consumers.

Oh well, thought it would be fun to share… now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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