An Impatient Customer

Does anybody out there find themselves pretty busy these days?  Maybe a couple of you out there, or maybe a couple hundred or perhaps everyone is having their days filled up with more and more commitments and errands that are eating away at what little free time they can squeak out in a day.  Then again, it could just be a personal issue but something tells me I am not the only one in this rat race.  For me, this has fostered a quest to make the daily activities as efficient as possible.  So assessing the available hours in a typical weekday (5×24 = 120hrs), we have to quickly eliminate the hours dedicated to our employer.  For ease I’m just going to put this at 9hr/day discounting the extra work hours everyone gives throughout the week), which leaves us with 75.  This likely differs for everyone, but my commute total (to and from work) is 1 hr so that leaves 70 discretionary hours a week.  Note, before you ask, I do consider sleep discretionary and not mandatory and is really just an issue of how well your body can function with a specified amount of sleep.  However, let’s just take care of those hours now.  This has been going up along with the age count, but for now I do try to get 7 hrs a night (hey, it’s an optimistic goal).  Now that is a hefty slash in the available count leaving us a mere 35 hrs (5 hrs/day) to get our chores done and any entertainment we want.  In black and white that doesn’t seem to bad, but add in dinner, breakfast and human preening you likely chip away another  2hrs/day.   So there you have it, a long way to simply pointing out that there are roughly 3 hrs a day to get all my grand plans finished….and by my count I just selfishly took about 5 minutes of your day (sorry about that).

If you have time, hit the jump and find out the reason for this time assessment.

So why have I brushed off the calculator for this post?  The answer is a result of a personal peeve of mine that bit me again a few days ago.  Up to this point, Coldwater Creek has been tops on my list for discretionary time violators.  This is primarily due to their insistence in wrapping up your purchases during the holiday seasons.  It usually takes me less than 10 minutes to make a decision on gift items.  This time extends to at least 30 minutes as they complete the credit card transaction and then nicely fold the merchandise, clip off the price tags, print out and tape gift receipts to the underside of the boxes, wrap the clothing in a tissue, place the wrapped package in the box, take out a decorative bag, place the box(es) in the bag, take out a piece of ribbon and tie the handles of the bag together (two or three times depending on how pleasing the bow turns out) and then hand me the damn bag so I can get on with the rest of my shopping.  I find this infuriating (this might be a personal thing, but regardless it is annoying to me) and would just as soon have them toss it in a bag and hand it to me immediately.  Well, this store has company now at the top of the list.  Linda and I went to Kohls over the weekend to stock up on some clothes (all that weight loss is starting to cost us hehehe).  As usual, we made a quick assessment on the fastest line to queue up in and proceeded to a male cashier in the process of checking out one other lady.  For the next 15 minutes I was subjected to the clerk slowly picking up each of her items, flipping it around a couple of times and then making comments on his desire to have a similar item or how cute and/or interesting he thought it was.  This included small talk on how colorful her choices of clothing was and the softness of the material on one of the sweaters.  By this time I am climbing the walls.  Eventually he completes her order and starts in on ours.  Once again he starts in on small talk, but I’m really not interested.  In fact, I am trying to hurry him along whenever I can including telling him where the size label was on the boots we were buying (they were stamped in bottom of the sole and not in the usual tongue location).  Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind a friendly cashier that engages in some small talk as long as the hands are moving and the items are being scanned – which was absolutely not the case in this particular situation.  It could be I am tainted from my days as a cashier at Jewel where we were tracked by number of items scanned/minute.  If that number fell below a certain ratio we caught hell (you learn to appreciate the customers buying cases of Campbell Soup cans and best of all Kool-Aid packages).  I will say, the look on the customer ahead of us after her purchase ordeal seemed like she was just as frustrated as we were.

Anyway, time is a wasting and the to-do list needs some attention and I only have 2 hours of discretionary time left … thanks for spending your precious time.

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