A Prophecy Becomes Reality

Just a short blurb and not even counting this as a real post.  This is just a followup to a recent post of mine regarding a recent experience at Bar Louie located at our local outdoor mall.  If you recall, that experience was not a favorable one and put a slight damper on our special night out.  One thing I didn’t mention is that we ordered an appetizer.  In somewhat of a surprise, our waitress mentioned she didn’t know if they had any of those left … because they had been so busy … but would check on them.  She ended up bringing some out to us and the event was pretty much forgotten.  As I was running on the treadmill today, my wife came down and read the following from the paper:

“At Bar Louie, which is also at the Shoppes [of Grand Prairie] a small handmade sign at the restaurant said it was closed.  The phone did not ring Tuesday at Bar Louie, and an official with the company that manages the Shoppes at Grand Prairie declined to comment.”

Well, there you have it and needless to say, neither of us are surprised.  The depressing thing is while we were there I think someone came in and ordered two $25 gift cards.  I did not hear all of the conversation, but I did hear “would you like that as two ?$ or one $50.  The response was two and the bartender went to the register.  I sure hope this guy wasn’t stuck with those as a result of this closing and if that bartender knew the situation beforehand he’s as guilty of theft as the owner is.  Oh, as I was wondering aloud if the new Jillian’s at that mall might have caused their closing, Linda responded with:  “By they way, they [Jillian’s] were  in the paper recently for failing their health inspection”.

Things don’t seem to be so “Grand” anymore at that particular mall.

2 thoughts on “A Prophecy Becomes Reality”

  1. Also note that the downtown location for Old Chicago will be closed until mid-April, 2011. Seems like the restaurant business may be taking some hits, not only from the economy, but from bad service records.


    1. Linda mentioned something about this as well. Ironically, that particular place is a victim of my experience with the former resident (Damon’s) which also had to do with horrible service – I can’t bring myself to go back to that location regardless of the establishment. This is the same restaurant that always gets flooded out when the river spills over, but more importantly got busted for trying to sell rights to stand on steps leading to their establishment during the 4th of July festivities – only thing was is they did not own those steps (public walkways for the businesses there) and they were traffic flow routes for the crowds.


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