It’s Coming up on my 2 Year Blogging Anniversary

Another year has passed and my blog is alive and well.  Chalk up 2 years now to this commitment which is pretty surprising to me considered I gave it about 2 months when I started down this path.  To continue a related tradition, I decided to once again provide a summary of this year’s output (data does include this post which is a good thing since this fulfills my quota for the month):

  • According to the WordPress Stats: To Date Total Posts 171 and 46 comments
  • According to the WordPress Stats: This Year Total Posts 73 and 19 comments
  • Total blog pages this year (according to MS Word): 234
  • Total number of words this year (according to MS Word): 61,813
  • Post topics (some posts had multiple categories) 2009 / Total
    • Birds: 11 / 20
    • Fail: 3 / 3
    • General: 10 / 19
    • Observation: 51 / 110
    • Products: 2 / 2
    • Ramblings: 3 / 9
    • Recollection: 4 / 10
    • Service: 13 / 26
    • Uncategorized: 0 / 0
    • Wildlife: 17 / 17
  • Blogs this year by month
    • 1/09:6
    • 2/09:5  (oops, I missed my quota this month, but made up for it in March)
    • 3/09:8
    • 4/09:6
    • 5/09:6
    • 6/09:6
    • 7/09:6
    • 8/09:6
    • 9/09:6
    • 10/09/:6
    • 11/09:6
    • 12/09:6
  • Writing style: conversational
  • Most common grammatical error: thanks to converting to Firefox most of the spelling mistakes have been cleaned up, but still getting caught on the wrong word for the context.  Mainly it complains about missing ‘;’s which I will immediately admit to since the conversation format I use does not work well with that.  There is also a problem with the WordPress editor which tends to lag and give me extra spaces between words.  I transfer everything to Word after I write it in WordPress so most of those errors are caught before it is published to the web.  I also tend to make words up, which again (like parkify), is perfectly fine with my style 8^)
  • Number of WordPress uprades:1
  • Number of reference links used:40
  • Number of images used: (at least) 272 Tough to count that many, but definitely improved over last year and with the exception of 1 time had at least one image per post and that was after I’d already met that month’s quota.
  • Languages uses: 1 (unless you count Engrish)
  • Completed Life List Items: 6
    • Ran the Steamboat 15K – toughest in IL (another year another medal)
    • Ran the BIX7 – (another year another medal)
    • Purchased a piece of art for the second year in a row although didn’t blog on it yet
    • Blogging for a second year with the exception of one month hitting my self-imposed 6 post/month quota but made up for it with two additional ones the following month
    • Transforming a portion of my woods into a park setting
    • Constructing a bridge
  • Maintained convictions:3
    • Never giving Metallica a penny of my money (still not a dime)
    • Ban from RIAA backed musicians
    • Not giving Sprint a dime of my money
  • Posted 70 more items than my brother over at Dead Reckonings (he clocked in at only 3 this year) – of course we are not measuring on quality or I would lose hands down but like the current government I can skew the stats anyway I want to .
  • Personal Revelations:
    • I was actually down a little bit on my book reading – this is likely due to all the outdoor activities this year – tough to read when you are so exhausted you can barely keep your eyes open.
    • My disposition is still on the sarcasm side and clearly not happy with the current government – I need a shirt that says “How is that CHANGE working out for you?”
    • Pet peeve – still bad service, but socialized government is right up there
    • I remember more than I thought from my childhood and based on the bridge work retained a lot of knowledge from my father.
    • Clearly interested in marketing and economics – ironic since those were my worst subjects in school
    • Definitely leveraging all of his elective psychology classes
    • Enjoys nature and spending time out in the woods
    • Stretched my creativity this year, the image per blog requirements was pushing my limits and kept the posts down a little
    • Track record for New Year’s resolution is going quite well
    • I think my photography skills are improving – a lot of this may be the new equipment, but I think in general the shots are getting more interesting
    • Have an affinity for books on special/elite forces.  I think it is an interest in what makes an individual willingly put himself in harm’s way and once in that position, what does it take to succeed.  I also think a lot of this experience/skills/training can be leveraged well in a corporation – commitment, dedication, quick thinking, problem solving etc.

Wow, another year of blogging.  This year felt like more effort than last, but again, likely due to stepping up the image counts.  I think it was a better product this year and on a content perspective I am very pleased.  It is a few days from New Year’s so the resolutions have not been set yet, but blogging is likely to be another item on that list.  Images were the focused improvement this year, so next year it may be time to work on increasing the readership.  I have been pretty guarded up to this point, but I think it is time to let a few more people know about the site.  I might even try having some guest bloggers to spice the place up a bit.  Hopefully there will be more comments in the future for those are what I really look forward to responding to.  Let’s take a look back at last year’s goals and see how it went:

  • Infuse a more graphic perspective – what probably has not come out in all this is my interest in photography and all things related to art in general.  You probably caught a little bit of that with the art purchase post and the photos of wildlife etc.  While creating this summary, I was shocked at how skewed it was to the textual side.
  • I need to get caught up with my observations.  I still have a large number of items written down that I want to post on the blog.  If nothing else, I want to be sure and capture the thoughts associated with those occurrences when they happen.
    SURVEY SAYS: SOMEWHAT – I did whittle a few down, but the image creation tends to limit the number of posts I can really do a month.
  • Branch out into some additional topics.  This year I focused on the bird side of the wildlife (and thus why it had its own category).  Being out in the country, I have a great variety of different insects and animals that I get to observe just about every day including; deer, snakes, spiders, coyotes etc.  I also want to add a new category on the topic of stupid engineering.  I am getting tired of poor execution on product delivery and have a growing list of examples I would like to share.
    SURVEY SAYS: SUCCESS – I added a products category, had posts on deer, snakes, spiders, coyotes (okay, it was dead), marmots, bears, moose, elk, frogs etc.
  • And finally, and to be honest, the most apprehensive goal is to increase viewer numbers and comments.  I purposely left this site unadvertised and somewhat private as I navigated through what I wanted to do with this site.  I was also struggling with the ramifications of knowing others would be viewing the content and might be offended or think differently of me if they did not agree with a position I took or a comment that was made.  This is still a concern of mine, but the only way I’ll get an answer to this is to simply try it.  SURVEY SAYS: UNDERACHIEVED – I did let a number of people know about the site and some are steady readers now, but once again the fear of accidently offending people put me on the cautious side.

In closing, a big thanks to everyone that took the time to check in on my ramblings.  It does take a lot of work/time to keep this thing going and nothing puts it into perspective more than someone taking the time to make a comment on a post or mention a topic in a conversation.  It has been fun and makes every day a little more interesting as I keep an eye out for blog material.  Until next year, happy surfing.

3 thoughts on “It’s Coming up on my 2 Year Blogging Anniversary”

  1. Well, congratulations on another year of well-written and extensively thought-out posts! I can’t believe how you pack so much into your time.

    Wait until you see the xmas gift I made for Linda! The lot work took a bunch of my time this year, but I probably put an equal amount on that effort – I had one made for your family as well

    I just checked and I wrote 2 posts on my blog this year,

    that’s odd, I counted 3 when I went through your history

    and they each about killed me.

    That’s the quality over quantity issue 8^)

    But there will be one more post before Jan. 1 and there’s a predestined one in late January, so I’m accelerating into the new year at d(warp speed)/dt.

    Is one of them on your new high priest position in the rapidly expanding nomogracult – LOL

    I’m looking forward to more of your posts. I liked your graphics slant this year, really creative.

    It was kind of fun, but some of my most creative moments apparently went unnoticed – read the Toyota and Ram symbol parody which makes me laugh every time I see it

    Thanks for taking the time to comment over the years and have safe travels over the holidays!



  2. Just curious…. does reading your blog from Google Reader count as views? Or am I skewing your statistics…?

    This is a fantastic question and one I have been trying to find an answer on for awhile. In my opinion it really depends on how the Google Reader is actually processing the feeds. Clearly it has to hit my site to figure out if anything is new on the pipe. So minimally I get one hit there for each of my posts. But then it gets a little tricky. Does Google Reader cache the feed and therefore every Reader access to it is really a hit to just Google? or is Google Reader simply redirecting the initial feed request from its site back to mine? I will do some investigations to see I can tell what is going on. I would think the cache mechanism would make the blogging community a little upset since it would be masking their true viewership and Google would be the real benefactor of any subscribed feed. With that said though, no one has really made a point about it yet. Time to get out the magnifier and Sherlock hat out! thanks for taking the time to comment


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