Target Rating SystemIt is very apparent that I spend waay too much time at Target or there is just waay to much stuff to be observed there.  I think this is like my third post based on things that I have seen there and thought was interesting.  This particular incident occurred at the checkout lane a few days ago.  While we were completing our purchase there, something on the electronic register display caught my eye.  On the lower left hand of the LCD panel there was a section labeled as Last 10 Ratings (or something very close to that heading, I forgot to write down the actual words).  Underneath that label was a series of 10 letters which I am guessing where the results of the last 10 assessments.  In this particular situation there were only the letters G and R.  There were definitely more R’s than G’s, but there was absolutely no legend for what they actually meant.  If it was important enough to have it visible to the customer, you would think there would be some explanation for the values provided.  I decided not to question the clerk on the chance the ratings she was getting were not flattering.  The trip home was spent pondering the potential rating options:


  • Great (Tony the Tiger would approve)
  • Good (Seems kind of boring)
  • Goddess (The male clerks might be offended)
  • Gracious (She was nice)
  • God Awful
  • Get your *ss moving (nothing like a little motivation)


  • Respectable (Wouldn’t just an O for Okay work better)
  • Really Good (And Jack Handy is happy)
  • Reprehensible (it’s Target.. thinking this is not the one)
  • Really get your *ss moving (the boss is not happy)
  • RaaawwttRoh (for the Scooby Do fans out there)
  • Rest (cause you are doing sooo well)

If anyone knows the real definitions, please drop me a comment because I am running low on other options.  Oh well, time to get some sleep, I the main race of the year coming up this Saturday (Bix7) and I don’t want to give myself any excuses other than I have not been able to acclimate to the heat thanks to this joke of a Global Warming Threat that is keeping it in the 60’s in the middle of July.