The Return of Dinos

First off, I would like to declare for the record that this Blog is written by a MALE.  My brother (who I am sure was snickering the entire time) sent me a link that analyzes the gender of a webpage.  Apparently I am not using the appropriate amount of stereotypical male words in my post.  Here is my attempt to fix that:

Boobs, Beer, Football, Baseball, Rugby, UFC, Boxing, Spitting, Scratching, Jockstrap, Whiskey, Engineering, Monster Trucks, NASCAR, Drag Racing, Urinals, Spike TV and  LAN Gaming… would welcome any additional words if you can think of them …  it is actually harder than I imagined.

Okay, this post is about reemergence of Dinos.  I thought it odd that there were no less than three occurrences of said extinct animal during our vacation.

Sinclair Dino

Obviously you know where this was taken.  That is, if you happen to be someone that also wasted valuable time actually stopping at Wall Drug in South Dakota.  There is actually a large animated T-Rex there sticking with the theme.  I found this picture a tad ironic.  Can any identify why I think that?  I wonder if the Exxon marketing people were savvy enough to purposely put their sign in that position to cause an association with their gas to the Sinclair filling stations?  I assumed you have traveled enough to know that this green and white icon is the trademark of Sinclair.  They usually have smaller ones in front of their station, however, this one was pretty big.

I had my wife snap this one as we drove by at 75 miles an hour.  I can’t believe it came out as well as it did, but she was zoomed in a little too much to capture the human skeleton that was holding on to the leash.

Dino Skeleton

I honestly have no idea what the purpose for it was – possibly for an exhibit that was up the road.   The pending storm actually makes the image look a little ominous.  The last shot was taken while stuck in a traffic jam in Yellowstone National Park.  We were heading back to our lodge on the road that connects the north and south loops when the traffic came to a dead stop.    There were also very few cars coming from the other way which meant an animal was near the road and some idiot was stopping traffic to gawk at it.  I’m all for stopping and admiring the wildlife, but find an appropriate place to pull off, don’t just stop the rented recreational vehicle in the middle of the road for 35 minutes.  Finally the park ranger showed up and made everyone start moving again.  Turns out it was a sleeping bear about 75ft off of the road.  Linda just about blew a bladder because of it.  Anyway, at least I got something for the blog, so it was not a complete waste.

Dino Evolution

Anyone want to guess what city this car was from?  As a side note, based on the scaling relationship that is one large Jesus Fish.

In my best manly Tool Time grunt, I’ll sign off for now.  I’ll have to recheck the analyzer after this post and see if there are any changes to the previously wrong assessment.

One thought on “The Return of Dinos”

  1. Wow–that really did the trick. You went from a 52% likelihood of being a woman to a 55% likelihood of being a man! Still doesn’t beat my 72% on my blog, but not bad for trying…

    And I certainly wasn’t snickering!

    OK, I was. And my kids and wife were, too.


    There you go… all it took was a little manipulation (and the universal male indicator – boobs) to right what was terribly wrong. I wonder if they have a site that maps the likelihood of a give blog to being a front for a cult. If so I think we know who would come out better on that assessment. Yeah, I could hear the snickering all the way down here, but now that should be changed to praise and admiration – not only male, but not targeted to cults 8^)


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