A Holy Sighting at MickeyD’s

Holy McDonaldsYesterday, my wife and I stopped in at the McDonald’s in Knoxville, IL for a quick dinner.  We were heading up to Davenport, IA for another agility dog show.  On our way out I held the door open for two elderly ladies.  The first one was utilizing a cane and was definitely struggling to navigate the walkways.  I must mention the fact they both expressed their appreciation for my deed which seems to be a dying concept in today’s society.  Oftentimes I’ll hold the door open on my way out of an establishment without a bit of acknowledgement.  Probably the most irritating is when they simply walk out past me without reaching out for the door so I can continue on my way. 

Back on topic, I finished holding the door and proceeded alongside the ladies to my car.  They ended up turning left into the parking lot between a truck and car.  As soon as the lady with the cane passed the truck window, a large dog jumped at her barking loudly.  It startled me a little bit, but guessing resulted in a Depends moment for the lady.  She turned white and screamed “Jesus Christ!”  I tried, but couldn’t hold back a laugh.  Either she saw the white light, was seriously pissed off or in fact Jesus might have wanted some tasty nuggets. 

 Note, as I was leaving the parking lot it hit me that the golden arches actually looked like a broken halo.

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