Relevance Lost II

I thought I would continue my list of things that are no longer relevant to me.  For the previous list, visit here. Basically, I’ve been running again which basically leaves me an hour or so for mind wandering.  Anyway, here goes:

  • CBs
  • 20 Packs of Chicken McNuggets (amazing what you can eat when you are kid expending a lot of energy during the day)
  • T-Tops (what a pain in rear – went full convertible)
  • Rotary Phones
  • Wisdom Teeth (first two were yanked out under liquid valium in order to play baseball that night)
  • Saturday Night Live (that show is total crap now)
  • Online – Internet – Gaming  (satellite internet access tends to put an end to online gaming)
  • Corn Palace (total waste of my time)
  • Contact Solution
  • Paying Cash for Gas
  • Greatest Hits Albums with one new Song (if it is good enough, I’ll just download that one song)
  • Hand Written Travel Directions (loving the GPS technology coupled with Google Streets)
  • Stephen King Novels (gone are the days of good output like the Shining)
  • Voodoo Graphic Cards (the best there was during my early gaming years)
  • AMD (spend too many years trying to keep their chips cooled enough not to overheat and torch themselves)
  • Leaded Gas
  • Full Service Gas Stations

That’s all for now.  Ended up I had a bunch on my list that were duplicated from the previous post.  Anybody else have any ideas?  Heading up to see Da’ Bears play a preseason game in Chicago now – I’ll let you know if I observe anything worth posting.

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