A Screaming Redemption

Screaming Pumpkin Race 2014

Greetings all!  I bet the doubters out there were all a buzz about it being soooo late in the month and the post count was stuck at FIVE.  No worries although for the record the amount of pictures and text in those five easily exceeded a standard month’s output.  I even told you the theme of this offering during the last.  Of course, those long time followers assuredly know that the end of October typically brings with it the last official race of the year.  Once again, I was able to field a team to compete in the Screaming Pumpkin Half Marathon Relay (link here).

Screaming Pumpkin Race 2014

Hit the jump to see more pictures and reveal how this race went for us!

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No Porcupines, but At Least a Deer

Guessing those who read my last post may need some Um to counteract the scary Yang from the last post.  I was looking through my queue of posts and noticed this set of shots.  Nothing says calm and tranquility like a shot of a harmless deer!
Deer in the Porcupines

There, your nerves should be returning to normal.  This also seemed appropriate due to the fact that my local park, where all my training occurs, is loaded with people trying to kill these creatures.  Nothing says a training run like jogging past a person coming out of the woods in a Ghillie suit.  One thing for sure is the deer population is down in our specific area which is often referred to as Big Buck Country.  In fact, I have not seen a buck this year at all and just a few does that have crossed the road ahead of me while coming home from work.  In the past Chronic Wasting has been pretty hard on them, but as of late the main killer has been Bluetongue which is a particularly nasty insect born viral disease.

Ooops, I think it heard me say that.

Deer in Porcupines

Hit the jump to see and read a bit more about this particular shoot – oh, and see something I haven’t done for a loooooong time.

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How Far Will You Go – The Haunted Trail 2014

Time to get back on the path.. the Haunted Path that is!  As mentioned in previous posts, we held our Annual Halloween Cookout October 4th.  This was earlier than usual thanks to a race I participate in being moved from a Friday to a Saturday.  Although it was stressful in the past having the race on Friday night it allowed me just enough time to get everything in place to have the party the following night.  Then we were overlayed with a friend’s party that pushed us to the early October slot.  One thing for sure, it was definitely better going not having run a half marathon the night before.  Unfortunately there was a lot of rain leading up to the party date, but luckily it broke on the 3rd allowing me to finish clearing the trail and getting at least the danger areas cautioned off.  That left me an early morning to start getting things in place for standard elements (firewood, torches, general cleanup).  My friend Paul came over at noon and we started the long process of setting up the trail.  This year we made a couple of key changes.  The first thing we did was cut the path short and utilized a loop back to the start.  That essentially eliminated a very steep hill our guests had to navigate at the end.. in the dark – we definitely got some thanks for that.  The second major change is this year we took a different approach to the decoration order.  Last year, you may recall, we produced some tears (link here).  A badge of honor for us.. but probably not the nicest thing to do to your unsuspecting guests.  To address that we opted for a “How Far Will You Go” approach.  Translated – the farther you go .. the scarier it is likely to be.  Your choice, turn back whenever you start getting uneasy or the kids start shaking.

For starters, the path has grown over the years and now has more decorations than I can feature in this post.  Instead, I’ve picked out a few shots of new decs or wanted to provide a few comments on.  The full trail can be found on the EddieSoft Gallery Site (link here).  Be sure and check that out to experience the full Haunted Trail experience.

So, the start of the trail was filled with the tame air-blown decorations.

Haunted Trail 2014

Nothing too scary here and something the kids will have no problems with.. unless they happen to be afraid for large purple arachnids in which case maybe not so good of a start.

Haunted Trail 2014

Hit the jump to experience more of the trail .. if you dare!

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Little Boy Blue

Like the old adage says “All Scary and No Aviary Makes the Heart Grow Wary”  So that doesn’t happen to all my precious readers out there I’m going to give you a break from the recent batch of Halloween posts to bring you a bird shot.  This particular set of shots was taken  during our Red Rock Canyon visit back in November 2012.  Now I’ve featured the Mountain Bluebird before (link here) and the Eastern Bluebird (link here) has even made an appearance once or twice, but this is the first time I’ve brought out the Western Bluebird!

This little bird was hanging out not far from the side of the road fairly close to the entrance.  This happens to be another one of those classic times when I really thought I was just shooting an Eastern Bluebird and really didn’t think much of it at the time.  The Eastern was already checked off my list, but I NEVER pass up a bird in the field.  Time and time again I go into the digital darkroom thinking one thing only to come out fully surprised.

Hit the jump to read more about this colorful bird!

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Project: The Rise of Thanatos

I’m back with another new addition to the Halloween Haunted Trail!  Surprised I can still function after writing the last post on a Killer Clown shudder (link here).  While I was on the subject of Halloween decorations figured it made sense to go ahead and post about the other decoration that consumed all my spare time leading up to our party.  I have to give Pinterest a little bit of credit on this one since someone had pinned a picture of a Grim Reaper decoration.  There wasn’t any instructions with it and it really appeared to be more of a professional prop than a DIY.  That picture sparked an idea of creating something similarly themed.

2014 Halloween Decoration - Grim Reaper

What do you think?  I basically leveraged some of the clown structure ideas but the bulk of the frame was a lot simpler.  Linda slipped a bit on standards for her decoration night shots and ended up clipping the right eye on although it does look pretty sinister – just know that it does indeed have two glowing eyes.  It is also pretty tall – forgot to measure it before I put it away, but it is up there!

2014 Halloween Decoration - Grim Reaper

Like last time, hit the jump if you want to see how this was designed and constructed

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Project: Gonna Need New Shorts

It appears the teeming millions are getting restless and have moved on to outright taunting and casting disparaging remarks on the lack of output this month.  Normally I would give some elaborate excuse as to why I’ve been negligent from my duties all in an effort to mask likely pure laziness.  Fortunately, in this particular case I’ve just been really busy.  The first part of this month was dedicated to the Annual Halloween Party and the days since them has been either spent on my day (often leaking into nights as of late) job or processing hundreds of photos for this and upcoming posts.  In an effort to prevent burning effigies figured it was time to get something out…I don’t want to here anything about nightmares out there.. you demanded a post.. I picked this one!
2014 Halloween Decoration - Killer Clown

If you are like me, you are probably looking for another pair of shorts about now.  Before you grab your AR’s and head into the woods, I should assure you this menace is just a decoration.  Anyone that has been a reader of this blog in the month of October know I enjoy Halloween even more than Christmas.  Each year we have our Annual Halloween Party and along with it usually comes a homemade decoration to add to the collection.  A popular part of our party is the Haunted Trail (link here).  Each year it gets bigger and bigger and each year my additions get more elaborate.  This year was a big year for new designs.  This killer clown was one of two for this year – yes, you will get to see the other one in an upcoming post. Here’s a night shot from the trail .. damn, this thing still scares me every time I look at it.  Thought it would provide some therapy to get over my phobia .. failed

2014 Halloween Decoration - Killer Clown

Hit the jump if you want to see how I went about making this decoration.  The best part of this is that it gives me an easy platform to produce new additions for years to come.  There were three goals going in – “scare-ability”, “pose-ability” and  “storage-ability”.  Think I hit this one out of the park!

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